It Is Time to Be Social

What today’s consumer expects is a visual brand. That is, they want to see your company, learn about your company, and embrace it through a strong website and social media channels. Building a presence online is essential.

Be social online with the help from Strategy Shift Marketing

Social media continues to grow and change. One thing that hasn’t changed is just how valuable it is for small and medium sized companies. But are you working to use the right tools in the best manner possible to achieve your company’s goals?

It is time to begin being social online by using these 3 suggestions:

Focus on Your Specific Niche

Here’s one big mistake companies make when it comes to social media today. They target their customers. Instead of targeting their very specific niche of customers, or creating multiple campaigns to reach a larger audience, they focus on too broad of an area. That typically will hurt the company in the long term. Rather, if your focus is the millennial, target your marketing to this group. Be specific.

Get Active Online

It is also essential to get active in the participation you have with your customers and clients. Respond quickly to questions and comments made to be involved with your customers. Consider sharing behind-the-scenes content or tweet in real time based on real-time life events. Utilize a bit of augmented reality to help customers to really embrace who your company is.

Be Consistent

Still the most important of all trends, social media is demanding more consistency than ever. To accomplish this, create a routine schedule that has you posting on a regular basis. But also consider your message. Consumers are smart and want to be engaged with brands that are involved with them.

Each Strategy Shift Marketing social strategies are unique for each business. We work with you to create a message that enhances your brand and is best to reach your customers and build brand awareness. We are social for you so that you can focus on your other business goals. Schedule a FREE chat with us to learn how we can help strengthen your business in a valuable way.